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5 Best Minecraft Seeds of 2019

Seed: 960570313 Version: 1.13 Woodland mansion and village at spawn! When the first snapshots of Update Aquatic started to appear, players really wanted to see the turtles. In this seed you will spawn in a village...


Minecraft Bedrock 1.12 BETA is out!

Minecraft Bedrock is out and it adds many great features to the game. The beta is especially good for those trying to mod because it adds so many options to customise your world....


Minecraft 1.14 is almost here!

1.14 is an upcoming major update set to release sometime in 2019. The theme is “Village and Pillage” and will revamp villages and also add pandas, foxes, crossbows, bamboo, and scaffolding. Minecraft Gamepedia Minecraft 1.14...