Nintendo Labo VR is here but it already sold out!

The availability of the recently-released Nintendo Labo VR Kit is not looking good. The new set just went on sale a few days ago, and now stock shortages have become an issue in the US. Retailers across the USA are reporting the kit as being sold out, including large ones such as Amazon. The official listing for the full set is currently “temporarily out of stock”. You could still purchase the cheaper Starter Set but don’t expect it coming to your door anytime soon as the expected delivery is around 1-2 Months!

If you are lucky you can still buy the kit from the Official Nintendo Store and hopefully, the supplies won’t run out as quickly there.

There hasn’t been any official statement from Nintendo as of yet, but it could be a matter of demand outweighing supply. So, there is a chance Nintendo may not have produced a hefty amount of stock of the VR Kit just to avoid their being an overabundance sitting on store shelves and not moving. Now that it’s clear that the demand is there, the stock should hopefully be replenished soon.

Watch the Official Vr Labo Trailer

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